You Use This Everyday But It Holds Secrets from You

Living in a modern age, we’re constantly surrounded by all sorts of tech. We’re so used to it, that we don’t even notice how ingeniously designed it really is. And there a lot of small mysteries: Why does a keyboard have legs? How does my phone vibrate? Why doesn’t this USB plug ever fit on the first try? Today, you’ll have all the answers!

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Ferrite beads 0:30
Infrared Code 1:27
Keyboard legs 2:23
USB-affling plugs 3:10
Imbalanced motors are helpful 4:06
Olympic medals made from smartphones? 5:04
Striped Mini-Jack 6:07
Shakes undo mistakes 7:19
What your phone charger is trying to tell you 8:15

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– Any cable, like one that provides power to your laptop, is, in fact, sort of an antenna in nature – it has all the similar parts, so it can show all the similar properties and even receive random signals from time to time.
– Sounds like the title of some Cold War themed movie, but it’s about the language your TV speaks with its remote. In fact, remotes can use any wavelength of light to pass a message to a TV, it’s just that infrared is much more convenient in production.
– Having the keyboard in a flat position is actually better for your wrists. These legs are only here to help you see the letters you’re tying more clearly.
– USBs are made this way so you can’t plug them into the computer the wrong way. Even if there wasn’t a plastic part inside to prevent it, a USB inserted upside down wouldn’t even work.
– Imbalanced motors are helpful are really tiny – a bit bigger than a pencil tip, and there are several of them located in different parts of your smartphone. Motors spin a weight, but this weight is shaped like a half-circle, so their movement produces an uneven force.
– A million smartphones contain around 772 lbs of silver and 75 lbs of gold. No wonder phones cost so much these days!
– Two striped plugs can separate two signals and that helps to transfer stereo-sound. All music today is in stereo, so your left headphone speaker plays a slightly different track than your right.
– Did you know that by shaking your smartphone you can cancel your latest actions? On iPhones, this function comes by default, but is downloadable for Android devices too.
– A little house symbol tells you that this device is only suitable for house use.
– The trash can crossed out means that the charger needs to be recycled as tech-waste. Simply throwing them in a garbage can may result in environmental damage.
– If there is ‘I’ before ‘V’ – this level is standard for the US. If there is only ‘V’ – this charger meets standards for Europe too.

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