Home inspectors in the state of Texas are regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission who enforce the Texas Administrative Code. The code says what an inspector is not allowed to do, but also what is expected of them.

What are inspectors not allowed to do? In the most simple terms:

  • Not allowed to accept or give $$ from or to a settlement service for referrals (real estate agents, title companies, mortgage companies).
  • Not allowed to work on the house they inspect for 12 months.
  • Not allowed to disclose inspection results to anyone other than the client without authorization.
  • Not allowed to be the inspector and have an interest or future interest in the property (agent, buyer, seller, etc.)

What they should do:

  • Required to protect and promote the interest of the client to the best of the inspector’s ability and knowledge
  • Required to always increase their level of knowledge in the field of inspections
  • Required to be independent from outside influence and interests that might compromise the inspector’s ability to render a fair and impartial opinion regarding any inspection performed.

The underlying rule is:

The responsibility of those persons who engage in the business of performing independent inspections of improvements in real estate transactions imposes integrity beyond that of a person involved in ordinary commerce. Each inspector must maintain a high standard of professionalism, independence, objectivity and fairness while performing inspections in a real estate transaction. Each inspector license holder must also uphold, maintain, and improve the integrity, reputation, and practice of the home inspection profession.

22 TAC §535.220 (a)

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