Home Inspectors look closely at the details and test the pertinent systems in the home.  Their insight and thoroughness give their clients the information they need to make the right decisions for themselves.  It is not the job of the inspector to persuade, intimidate or frighten, but to present a clear picture of the condition of the home.

What type of home inspections are there?  And how are they useful?  It is not just for a buyer…..

Buyer Inspection

Before purchasing an existing home, find out what you are buying.  Get a full home inspection done so you know what safety hazzards exist if any, any major or minor repairs needed, and the general condition of the main systems of the home.

Seller Inspection

Getting ready to sell?  Have a pre-listing home inspection done on your home.  Give the prospective buyers piece of mind in knowing the real condition of the home as well as giving yourself a competitive advantage over other sellers.

Warranty Inspections

Bought a new home within the last year?  The builder will usually make repairs for the first year that you own your home.  Let me inspect your home and give you a list of items to take to the builder to repair.

New Construction Inspections

Having a home built?  Get an independent inspection at the 4-way ( rough framing, rough plumbing, rough HVAC, and rough electrical) and at completion so you know that things are done right.

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