Mr. & Mrs. Home Seller, You have the perfect home, right?

The vast majority of the homes have some type of deficiency.  Are you going to let this cost you money?

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes for a moment.

If you settled on a price for a house and then found out through an inspection that there are 15 items wrong with the house, what would you do?  Renegotiate the price, ask for repairs, or walk away?  All three are not in your best interest as a seller.

What if you had a chance to repair the issues first before listing the house?

You can.  Give me 3 to 4 hours in your house to go over it from top to bottom.  I will give you a list of items that may effect your bottom line.  It is then up to you if you want to make the repairs or price it based on the condition of the home.

Want to read more?  Read about seller home inspections on the NAHI website.