Which would you prefer to see in a report?

  1.  The statement, “Counter flashing missing.”
  2. The same statement and a picture of the deficiency.
  3. Report with photo describing deficiency and an illustration showing how it should look.

Most reports are just a #1 or a #2. Not my reports

mcallen home inspector flashing report


Here you see where the counter flashing and the step flashing are missing on this roof.  But what does that mean to you?  What is missing from this picture?




flashing detail illustration




It is alot easier to know what you are looking at with an illustration of how it should be.




flashing detail marked up


So now you can see from the arrows that the step and counter flashing are both not visible.  Also note that heavy caulk has been used to seal the joint.  I would suspect leakage into the attic space at this juncture. A professional roofer would need to be contacted about redoing this area and adding the step and counter flashing.





Get the most out of your inspection.  Choose an inspector who will take the time to report the deficiency, report is through a photograph, and explain what needs to be done to correct it through an illustration and explanation.

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