I had the privilege of inspecting a 1950’s house for a young couple buying their first home in McAllen. They were worried that it wouldn’t “pass” inspection.

Pass or Fail

A house does not pass or fail an inspection. It is part of the home buying process for the buyer to know and understand what they are buying. Will the inspector find deficiencies? Most certainly, but it doesn’t mean the house is a disaster, is going to fall down or “fails” the inspection.


What to do during the inspection

As a buyer, what is your role during the inspection? It is important for the buyer to be present during the inspection. Ask questions if you do not understand something about the house. A good inspector will be available to answer your questions.  A great inspector will anticipate your questions and explain everything as the inspection progresses. A great inspector will also remind you what needs annual maintance.


What to expect from the inspection

An inspection on a 2,000 square foot house should take at least 3 hours. Any shorter of a time just means items will not be checked or will be missed.

What to expect from the report

In Texas, inspections must be reported on a standard form. A great inspector will not stop there. A narative report is often added to the state mandated form.  My reports include:

  • TREC mandated form
  • Narative report
  • Photos of reported deficiencies
  • Explanation of what needs to be done to correct it
  • Timeline for repair
  • Projected cost
  • Illustrations of how it should look
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Hyperlinks to more information
  • And more


Need a home inspection in McAllen?

Buying a home? Know what you are buying……

Buying a new home? Even a new construction needs an inspection

Bought a new construction in the last year?  Don’t let your warranty run out…..

Selling a home? Avoid last minute suprises…..

Own a home?  Get an annual checkup……

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