Clients don’t have to climb up on the roof to see it.

From McAllen to South Padre Island and beyond, I am giving the home buyers, sellers, and homeowners a new view with their inspection reports.  When was the last time you climbed up on the roof?  Do you know what it looks like? Included with the inspection report is a free video of the roof deck explaining the issues and what needs to be done to correct it is . Just another innovation from Steven Tennison and Accurate Inspections.

Need an Inspection?

If you need a home inspection, call me at 956-433-3434 or go online to the Accurate Inspections McAllen website.

  • Buyer inspections making a purchase
  • New Construction home inspections
  • Seller inspections before listing your home
  • 11th month builder warranty inspections
  • Home tune-up inspections