McAllen Home Inspection

Steve the Home Inspector in McAllen TX was able to perform a last minute inspection for a widow and her son in North McAllen.  The listing agent was pressuring them to turn in a non-refundable 10% escrow check on this lovely house.  The family wanted to know the general condition of the home before they submitted the monies.

The Results

The home has some minor items that needed repair and a few minor structural issues. I was able to show them to the buyer and explain how to repair them.  Consequently, they were put at ease and felt comfortable about buying the house.

Need a Home Inspection?

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, I can do the same thing for you.  As a buyer, get the peace of mind in knowing what you are buying without an unnecessary scare caused by a poorly written report.  As a seller, know before hand what needs to be fixed and avoid the shock after the inspection is done.  Call or text me at (956) 433-3434.  Schedule an appointments by hitting the big red button on my website.

With a home inspection, you get what you pay for.  Pay a few dollars more for a better written report by an inspector who is not rushing off to his next appointment. As a result, you as a buyer will have a better understanding of your new home and how to maintain it.