Edinburg Home Inspection

I had the privilege of helping an older couple in the purchase of a home that they are buying in Edinburg in the Crossings neighborhood by performing their home inspection.  This is a very nice house and did not have much wrong with it except for the typical items that are noted on most homes.  Therefore, it was more of an educational time for the buyer because there were some maintenance issues that needed ongoing care and I was able to show him what needed to be done to maintain the home.

Interesting Find

Edinburg Home inspector finds a sump pump and wet ventOne of the interesting things on this house was with the air conditioner.

There wasn’t a drain nearby when built, so the A/C contractor used a condensate pump to remove the A/C condensate.

The line connected into one of the plumbing vents which, as a result, made it into a wet vent for about 8 feet.

Buyer Education

Steve the Inspector showed the buyer the condensate pump, explained its purpose, and how to maintain it.  Because it can cause damage to the inside of the house, it is recommended to clean the condensate pump out once a year.  Maintenance of a condensate pump is easy for most homeowners.  To see how to clean a condensate pump, check out this video.  An A/C technician can also do the maintenance during a regular A/C check up.

Need an Inspection

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