31 Small Secrets Hidden in Everyday Things

There are so many baffling mysteries in the world. Who lives at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, are we alone in the universe, why do Buffaloes have wings? But there are just as many hidden secrets in everyday objects that surround you. For example, do you know anything about the mysterious origins of that fluffy ball on your winter beanie?

The thing is that we are so used to seeing certain everyday things that we just don’t pay attention to details. But very often the most ingenious ideas or fascinating stories are hidden behind some unremarkable features.

Oyster pail 0:25
Holes in the sides of your sneakers 0:54
Fluffy ball on a beanie 1:20
Tiny pocket inside your jeans pocket 1:52
Stripes in your toothpaste 2:16
Holes in the bottom of earphones 2:49
Wooden clothes hangers 3:15
Boiled eggs 3:40
Bath foam 3:53
Perfumes 4:27
Frying pan 4:53
Rumble strips on the side of the road 5:21
The kings depicted on playing cards 5:52
Holes in a lollipop stick 6:30
Hole in a pen cap 6:47
Post-It Notes 7:06
Shower curtain 7:29

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